Pruning Crape Myrtles



white crape mrytle flower


Spring is coming and before it gets into full swing you need to prune your crape myrtles.  Crape myrtles bloom on new growth so the best time to prune them is before they come out of dormancy.  If you wait until the tree breaks dormancy you risk removing future flowers.


Start pruning crape myrtles by removing any suckers (suckers grow at the base or from the roots of the tree) as close to the soil as possible.  Next remove any side branches growing from the main trunks up to 6 to 8 feet high.  Remember to always cut branches all the way back to the main trunks or main branches.  Once you remove the side branches start pruning the branches that are growing in toward the center of the tree.  All cross branches, branches that are rubbing, and dead branches should then be removed.


Now stand back and take a good look at your tree.  Remove any branches that take away from the shape of your tree.  You can remove the old seed heads if you like.  It will give the tree a neat appearance but it is not necessary.


Pruning your crape myrtle will go a long way in keeping your tree healthy and happy!


Happy pruning!

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